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October 21, 2017

WORD RECORDS: hot catches of October 2017

Angler L. Mark Weeks potentially set the new men’s 8 kg (16 lb) tippet class world record for taimen (Hucho taimen) with this 27.25 kg (60 lb 1 oz) fish that he caught and released on October 4 while fly fishing Russia’s Munikan River. Weeks needed only five minutes to land the giant taimen after it ate the custom fly he was casting. If approved, the catch will replace the existing world record of 17.1 kg (37 lb 11 oz).

German angler Paul Hanke recently submitted this 14.01 kg (30 lb 15 oz) European hake (Merluccius merluccius) for the potential new All-Tackle world record. Hanke was fishing off Smola, Norway on September 7 when the hake ate the mackerel he was using for bait. Hanke fought the potential record fish for approximately 15 minutes before it was brought aboard. The current All-Tackle world record for this species is 13.24 kg (29 lb 2 oz).


October 14, 2017

VIDEO: lure fishing for leerfish from the rocks

Lure fishing for leerfish from the rocks in this video from Lured Fishing

October 12, 2017

VIDEO: Giant Trevally fishing in shallow water

Flats fishing for GTs on light to medium tackle on the reef flats is a serious challenge when fishing in 1-2 meter of water. 

This is the type of fishing you can experience on a Lagoon Explorer. Video from Nomad Sportfishing recorded in North Australia.

October 08, 2017

VIDEO: Muskie Chomps Smallmouth Bass at Boatside

A big muski attacks a 16 inch smallmaouth bass just under the boat. All was recorded and documented in this video.

October 05, 2017

VIDEO: great slow motion pike attack

An other great video of "Underwater Fishing Videos" Youtube channel: a pike attacks Savage Gear Line Thru Roach in slow motion.

VIDEO: Some perch swimming 18 meters deep

A video of "Underwater Fishing Videos" Youtube channnel: Some perch swimming 18 meters deep recorded with Water Wolf camera.

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